Update #81

Update #81

webmaster Updates

There is a new page on the website called Vote Links. Please show your support for the server by voting as often as you can. Players can vote on each site once per 24 hour period. Voting Links are still available in-game via the ‘/vote’ command.

A few Essentials permissions added to the Default group. (I can wear a log on my head?!) Check Essentials in-game help for more information.

Several obsolete GriefPrevention permissions removed. Obsolete ZvP permissions removed.

Three New Plugins have been added & will be enabled at 4AM EST during server restart. They are ChatFeelings, MyPet, & Quests. Quests is just for me to experiment with atm.

Three months later we are still waiting on Minecraft 1.13. Rest assured that I am checking up on the project & will post more info as it becomes available.