Update #117

Update #117

webmaster Updates

New plugins:

  • mcMMO Premium installed
  • Silk Spawners installed
  • OnePlayerSleep installed
  • TabList installed
  • PlaceHoldersAPI installed
  • Rifle’s Chairs installed

Plugin Updates:

  • Money Hunters updated
  • JupiterCore updated
  • Sentinel updated
  • Advanced Achievements updated
  • Spartan updated
  • Quests updated
  • Spleef updated

Bugfixes, Changes, Etc.:

  • /home & /shop are working again
  • Money Hunters lost coin droprate reduced from 100% to 10%
  • /kit tools updated to working condition. Kit can be claimed once per day increased from one time use.
  • /spawn enabled
  • Default spawn location moved slightly away from train station roof. If players find themselves spawning underground near spawn just use /spawn command.