Update #143

Update #143

webmaster Updates

Online Maps (Dynmap):

  • Maps link added in place of Maps page on homepage.
  • Clicking on the NEW FunWithBlocks logo on the maps page returns user to website homepage.
  • Online map now follows in-game day/night cycles.
  • Dynmap render settings changed to a more pleasing angle.
  • New maps being rendered to accommodate design changes
  • Torches seem to be rendered incorrectly. It’s an insignificant issue that I’m aware of.


  • Plugins page redesigned
  • Optifine, Shaders, & Texture Pack pages have been consolidated into the Downloads page
  • Privacy Policy page renamed to Privacy
  • Voting Links page renamed to Vote


  • FWB and FWB Nether maps DOUBLED in size to 10,000 blocks wide from 5,000 blocks wide! All new areas to explore are open to all players brave to enough to venture far from the protections of the city.