Update #151

Update #151

webmaster Updates


  • Server switched from Spigot & updated to latest Paper 1.15.2 version
  • I am looking to upgrade my server management software. I expect downtime but I don’t know how long. Just putting that out there. More details to come.
  • I am experiencing a PITA issue where the license key for the server management software keeps getting removed which drops the max allowed players online to 10. I am contacting the vendor.

Plugins Updated:

  • FogusCore
  • MoneyHunters
  • AdvancedAchievements
  • CoreProtect
  • Quests
  • BKCommonLib
  • mcMMO
  • Matrix
  • LightCleaner (will be enabled on next server restart)


  • Plugins list updated
  • Optifine download updated to 1.15.2